De Rien Meaning, Usage, Pronunciation & Example Sentences

you’re welcome in French

The meaning of de rien in French is you’re welcome. The literal translation is of nothing. De means of and rien means nothing. De rien is the most common and frequently used response to merci, which means thank you.

how to respond to de rien

There really is no specific response to de rien, just as there’s no specific response to you’re welcome in English. Other ways to say you’re welcome are pas de probleme (no problem) or je vous en prie, which is more formal.

example sentences

Example sentences for de rien are very straight forward. Par example:

  • Je vous remercie d’être venu. Thanks for coming. – De rien. You’re welcome.
  • Passe-moi le sel s’il te plaît. Pass me the salt please. – Merci. Thank you. -De rien. You’re welcome.

how to pronounce de rien

The word de rhymes with the word je. Rien is a bit more tricky. First say ree as in read. Try your hardest to vibrate the French -r towards the back of your throat. The -en is a nasal sound specific to French. It occurs in the words enfant (child) and pendant (during). Resist the temptation to pronounce the -n. De rien phonetically sounds like duh ree-eh[n].

In this video Vincent does a great job teaching the word. Play it over and repeat until you get it.

Video source: French Pronunciation by Imagiers




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