De Rien! (How To Say You’re Welcome In French)

De rien: Meaning and translation

In French, the translation of “de rien” is you’re welcome. The literal meaning of de rien is “of nothing”. Use this phrase after somebody says, “Merci”, and you want to say you’re welcome.

Example sentences with de rien

Example sentences for de rien are very straight forward. Par example:

  • Je vous remercie d’être venu. Thanks for coming. – De rien. You’re welcome.
  • Passe-moi le sel s’il te plaît. Pass me the salt please. – Merci. Thank you. -De rien. You’re welcome.

De rien pronunciation

The word de (pronunciation symbol: də) rhymes with the word “je” and sounds more or less like “duh”.

In this video Vincent does a great job teaching the word. Play it over and repeat until you get it.

Other ways to say “you’re welcome’ in French

In addition to “de rien”, there are several other way to say you’re welcome in French.

Je vous en prie

“Je vous en prie” is an expression that translates to “you’re welcome”. You can use in the place of “de rien” and it is slightly more formal. You can also use this expression when opening the door for somebody of showing the way to a table, for example.

In informal situation, “Je vous en prie” becomes “Je t’en prie“.

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Pas de problème

“Pas de problème” translates to “no problem”. This way of saying you’re welcome is informal, just as it is in English. Note that in French you cannot say “Non problème” and must say “pas de problème”.

Il n’y a pas de quoi

“Il n’y a pas de quoi” is an other expression used for “you’re welcome”. The expression translates literally to “there is of no what” and translates loosely to the English expression, “Don’t mention it”.


In French-speaking Canada, the word “bienvenue” can be used interchangeably with “de rien” for you’re welcome. The meaning of “bienvenue” is welcome.

In Europe, bienvenue only used in the context of welcoming a person. For example, “Bienvenue chez nous!” (welcome to our home!).

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