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Verb Conjugations

french verb tables

Find a complete list of French verb conjugation tables here. Over the coming weeks I’ll be adding hundreds of verbs to this page so keep checking back.

These conjugation tables present lots of verb tenses that might appear to be confusing to the beginner student. To learn about the basics of French verbs and how they work, have a look at the following post: 6 French Verb Tenses You Must Know

accélérer – accelerate
accepter – to accept
accompagner – to accompany
acheter – to buy
accueillir to welcome, host
acquérir to acquire, buy
actualiser – to update
admettre to admit, confess
adorer – to love, adore
aider – to help
aimer – to like, to love
afficher – to display
aller – to go
allumer – to light, turn on
ajouter – to add
amener – to bring
apercevoir to catch sight of, glimpse
apparaître to appear
appeler – to call
s’appeler – to be named, called
apporter – to bring
apprendre – to learn
apprécier – to like, appreciate
arrêter – to stop
arriver – to arrive
s’asseoir – to sit
assurer – to insure, assure
atteindre to reach, attain
attendre – to wait
avancer – to move forward
avoir – to have

battre to beat, hit
bavarder – to chat
briller – to shine
boire – to drink
brûler – to burn

cacher – to hide
casser – to break
causer – to cause
céder to give way
célébrer – to celebrate
changer – to change
chanter – to sing
chercher – to look for
choisir – to choose
coller – to stick, glue
combattre to combat, fight against
comter – to count on, intend to
commander – to order
commencer – to start
comprendre – to understand
conduire – to drive
confier to confide, entrust
conquérir to conquer
continuer – to continue
connaître – to know
construire to build, construct
contenir to contain, hold
convaincre to convince
copier – to copy
se coucher – to go to bed
couper – to cut
courir – to run
couvrir to cover
craindre to fear
créer – to create
crier – to scream
croire – to believe
cueillir to gather, pick
cuisiner – to cook
cuire to cook

danser – to dance
décevoir to disappoint
découvrir to discover
décrire to describe
débattre to debate
décider to decide
déjeuner – to have lunch
demander – to ask
déménager – to move
dépenser – to spend
se déplacer to move about
déplaire to displease
descendre – to go down
dessiner – to draw
détester – to hate
détruire to destroy
devenir to become
deviner – to guess
devoir – must, to have to
dîner – to have dinner
dire – to say
discuter – to discuss
disparaître to disappear
donner – to give
dormir – to sleep

être to be
écouter – to listen
écrire – to write
effacer to erase
élever – to educate, raise
élire to elect
emprunter – to borrow
enlever – to remove
s’endormir – to fall asleep
s’enfuir – to flee
enseigner – to teach
entendre – to hear
s’entendre – to get along
entreprendre – to start doing
entrer – to enter
entretenir – to maintain, look after
envoyer – to send
espérer – to hope
essayer – to try
éteindre – to extinguish, turn off
étudier – to study
exiger – to demand
exister – to exist

falloir to be necessary
frapper – to hit, knock
finir – to finish
faire to make, do
fermer – to close

gagner to win
garder – to keep
gaspiller to waste
goûter to taste

habiter to live

s’inquiéter – to worry
inscrire – to inscribe, write
interdire – to forbid, prohibit
interrompre – to interrupt
intervenir – to intervene, step in
introduire insert, introduce
inviter – to invite

jeter – to throw
joindre – to combine, add
jouer to play

laisser to leave
lancer – to throw
laver to wash
se laver – to wash oneself
lever – to raise, lift
se lever – to get up
lire to read

maintenir – to keep, hold
manquer – to miss, lack
manger to eat
marcher to walk
se marier – to get married
se méfier – to be suspicious of, be wary of
mener – to lead
mentir – to lie
mettre to put
monter – to climb, go up
mordre – to bite
mourir – to die

naître – to be born
nettoyer to clean

obtenir to obtain
offrir – to offer
opérer – to operate on, carry out
oublier to forget
ouvrir to open

paraître – to appear, seem
parcourir – to travel, cross
partir – to leave
parvenir – to reach
passer – to pass, pass by
peindre to paint
se perdre
permettre – to allow
pouvoir – to be able, can
parler to speak
payer to pay
pendre – to hang
penser to think
perdre to lose
peser – to weight
placer to place, put
plaire to please
planifier to play
plaindre – to pity
pleurer – to cry
pleuvoir to rain
porter to carry, wear
posséder – to possess, own
poursuivre – to pursue
prédire – to predict
prévoir – to forecast
prendre to take
préparer to prepare
se promener – to take a walk
produire – to produce
promettre – to promise
protéger – to protect

quitter to leave

raconter – to tell
rappeler – to call back
se rappeler – to remember
recevoir to receive
recommander to recommend
reconnaître – to recognize
réfléchir – to think, reflect
regarder to watch, look at
rejeter – to reject
remercier – to thanks
remplir to fill
rendre to return
rentrer – to return home
réparer to repair
répéter – to repeat
répondre to answer, reply
se reposer – to rest
ressentir – to feel
rester – to stay
retourner – to return
réussir – to succeed
rêver – to dream
rire to laugh
rompre to break

savoir to know
sécher – to dry
sentir – to smell
se sentir to feel
servir – to serve
signer to sign
sortir – to go out
souffrir – to suffer
sourire – to smile
soutenir – to support
se souvenir
suivre to follow

se taire to keep quiet, shut up
téléphoner – to call, phone
tenir to hold
tomber to fall
tromper – to mislead, cheat
traduire – to translate
trouver to find
travailler to work

utilise to use

vaincre to beat, defeat
valoir to be worth
vendre to sell
venir – to come
visiter – to visit
vivre to live
voir – to see
voler – to fly, steal
vouloir – to want
voyager – to travel

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