D’accord Meaning In French, Translation & Example Sentences

What does d’accord in French mean?

The word, d’accord in French has several meanings. With an exclamation mark, ‘D’accord!’ translates to ‘okay’ or ‘alright’. When combined with a conjugated form or être, d’accord means to agree. For example, ‘Je suis d’accord avec vous’ translates to ‘I agree with you’.

D'accord: Meaning, Definition, Usage

Examples of how to use d’accord

There are several ways to use d’accord in French. The first and most common is être d’accord avec + person, which means to agree with. The word that follows avec (with) can be a person’s name or stressed pronoun. Par example:

  • Je suis d’accord avec toi. I agree with you.
  • Elle est d’accord avec Pierre. She agrees with Pierre.
  • Nous sommes d’accord avec vous. We agree with you.

When used in a question d’accord would look these examples:

  • Est-ce que tu es d’accord? Do you agree?
  • Êtes-vous d’accord avec moi? Do you agree with me?

There are also times when d’accord appears as a single word, meaning okay or alright.

  • Person 1: D’accord? Okay/Alright?
  • Person 2: D’accord! Okay! Alright!

Se mettre d’accord

Se mettre d’accord means to reach or come to an agreement. This is a bit more advanced. Mettre means to put or place.

  • Après de longues discussions, Pierre et Marie se mettent d’accord. After long discussions, Pierre and Marie reach an agreement.

How to pronounce d’accord

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