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The Most Charming (And Cheesiest) French Pick-Up Lines

The Most Charming (And Cheesiest) French Pick-Up Lines

What are the most common French pick-up lines?

Learning French pick-up lines is a great way to get your romance on in the language of love. From charming to cheesy, these 20 phrases “de drague” are perfect for your next French interaction.

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No matter what language you’re speaking, knowing what to say to spark a little romance is a skill most would like to master. If you’ll soon be catching a flight to Paris or another French-speaking city, some French pick-up lines might be just what you need.

Whether they make you cringe, crack up, or crumble in front of a potential suitor, cultures around the world use them–including one of the most romantic ones. 

Most of the French use a well-said compliment, a surprise bouquet of flowers, or a fun night out on the town to draguer (flirt with) the person of their dreams. But the perfectly placed pick-up line is a great way to break the ice, get a laugh, or even make you stand out from the crowd.

Pick-up lines are not very common in French, but I went ahead and did some digging on French websites as well as into my own text messages to find some pick-up lines that the French actually use.

Romantic French Pick Up Lines

Si tu me donnes une chance, pour moi, le soleil se lèvera et se couchera avec toi. 
If you give me a chance, for me, the sun will rise and set with you. 

Salut, je t’ai vu là et je voulais venir te dire que j’adore ton regard. 
Hey, I saw you and I wanted to come tell you that I love your eyes. 

Je sais qu’on te l’a déjà dit, mais tu es très belle.  
I know you’ve already been told this, but you are very beautiful.

Tu as vraiment un très joli sourire.
You really have a very pretty smile.

You have a beautiful in French: Tu as vraiment un très joli sourire.

Casual French Pick-Up Lines

J’ai envie d’apprendre à te connaître.
I want to know how to get to know you. 

Cuisine chinoise ou italienne ?
Chinese food or Italian? 

On se voit ce soir ou demain ?
Will we see each other tonight or tomorrow? 

J’ai remarqué que tu aimais ABBA, est-ce que tu as une chanson préférée ?  
I noticed that you like ABBA, do you have a favorite song? 

Cheesy French Pick Up Lines

Mes amis ont parié que je ne parlerais pas à la plus jolie fille du bar. Je peux vous offrir un verre avec leur argent ?
My friends bet me I wouldn’t talk to the prettiest girl in the bar. Can I buy you a drink with their money?

En temps normal je suis un très bon nageur, mais là je ne comprends pas parce que je me noie dans tes yeux.
Usually, I’m a very good swimmer, but I don’t understand because I’m drowning in your eyes.

Les gens m’appellent X, mais toi tu peux m’appeler ce soir.
People call me X, but you can call me tonight.

J’ai un problème avec mon portable : il manque ton numéro.
I have a problem with my phone. It’s missing your number. 

You have beautiful eyes in French: Tu as de beaux yeux.

More French Pick-Up Lines

Tu me fais penser à quelqu’un que je connais.
You look like somebody I know.

Tu es de quel signe?
What sign are you?

Tu dances très bien!
You dance very well!

Est-ce que je peux m’asseoir ici?
May I sit here?

Est-ce que tu viens souvent ici ?
Do you come here often?

Est-ce que tu as un petit ami?
Do you have a boyfriend?

Est-ce que tu as une petite amie?
Do you have a girlfriend?

Tu as de beaux yeux.
You have beautiful eyes.

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