Pick Up Lines

French Pick Up Lines

Learn how to say some basic pick-lines in French! These are great for romance and dating or if you go out and meet somebody you like!

Tu me fais penser à quelqu’un que je connais.
You look like somebody I know.

Tu es de quel signe?
What sign are you?

Nous allons prendre de l’air?
Shall we get some fresh air?

Tu dances très bien!
You dance very well!

Est-ce que je peux m’asseoir ici?
May I sit here?

Est-ce que tu viens ici souvent?
Do you come here often?

Est-ce que tu as un petit ami?
Do you have a boyfriend?

Do you have a girlfriend?
Est-ce que tu as une petite amie?

Tu as de beaux yeux.
You have beautiful eyes.

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