Demonstrative Adjectives

ce, cet, ces, cette – l’adjectif demonstratif

Demonstratives adjective are used to point out specific things. In French they are ce, cet, cette and ces, and translate to this, that, these and those. They must agree with the noun they precede.

SINGULARce livrethis/that bookcette lampethis/that lamp
cet hôtelthis/that hotel
PLURALces livresthese/those booksces lampesthese/those lamps

example sentences

Cet precedes a masculine noun that starts with a vowel.

  • Combien coûte ce matelas? How much does this mattress cost?
  • Je voudrais acheter ces gants. I’d like to buy these gloves?
  • Ces skis sont magnifiques! These skis are amazing!
  • Je préfère cette chanson. I prefer this song.
  • Je ne connais pas cet homme. I don’t know this guy.
  • Qu’est-ce que tu fais ce soir? What are you doing tonight?
  • Est-ce que tu connais ces gens? Do you know these people?

The particles -ci and -là can be attached to the noun to indicate this or these (here) or those (there, or over there).

  • J’adore cette chemise-ci! I love this shirt (here).
  • Je n’aime pas cette chemise-là. I don’t like that shirt.
  • Préfères-tu ces livres-ci ou ces livres-là? Do you prefer these books or those books?
  • Recommandez-vous ce restaurant-ci ou ce restaurant-là? Do you recommend this restaurant or that restaurant?
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