Expressions with N’importe

les expressions indéfinies avec n’importe

In French to express any as in anybody or anything add a interrogative (question) word to the word n’importe.

  • n’importe qui anybody
  • n’importe quoi anything
  • n’importe où anywhere
  • n’importe comment anyhow
  • n’importe + quel any + NOUN
  • n’importe lequel, laquelle, lesquels, les quelles anywhich
  • n’importe quand any time
  • n’importe combien no matter how much, at any amount/cost

These expressions are extremely useful in daily conversation. Here are some example sentences. In English when we way “just any” we use a n’importe expression in French.

  • Il raconte n’importe quoi. He’s talking nonsense/full of it.
  • Je ne sors pas avec n’importe qui! I’m not going out with just anybody!
  • On peut aller n’importe où. Je n’ai pas d’un itinéraire fixe. We can go anywhere. I don’t have a set schedule.
  • Il chante n’importe comment! Quelle horreur! He’s singing any which way! How horrible!
  • Tu peux acheter n’importe quel fromage. Ils sont tous délicieux! You can buy any of the cheeses. They’re all delicious!
  • Vous pouviez venir n’importe quand. You can arrive at any time.
  • Je suis fatigué n’importe combien j’ai dormi. I’m tired no matter how much I slept.
  • Quel morceau de gateau veux-tu? N’importe lequel me convient! Which piece of cake do you want? Any piece is fine with me!

Finally, n’importe can be used on its own as a one-word interjection. The loose translation here is “either of them”, “it doesn’t matter”, “any of them”, “it makes no difference”, etc.

  • Quelle chemise veux-tu? N’importe! Which shirt do you want? Either of them!
It’s video time! Watch Virginie from French Truly TV teaching expressions with n’importe!

Video source: French Truly TV (YouTube channel)

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