French Expressions With “n’Importe”

The French word “n’importe” has several translations and usages, with the underlying meaning being “any”. “N’importe is used in many expressions. Many of the are based on combining “n’importe with question words.

French n'importe expressions

Common expressions using “n’importe”:

  • n’importe qui anybody
  • n’importe quoi anything
  • n’importe où anywhere
  • n’importe comment anyhow
  • n’importe + quel any + NOUN
  • n’importe lequel, laquelle, lesquels, les quelles any which
  • n’importe quand any time
  • n’importe combien no matter how much, at any amount/cost

These expressions are extremely useful in daily conversation. Here are some example sentences. In English when we way “just any” we use a n’importe expression in French.

  • Il raconte n’importe quoi. He’s talking nonsense/full of it.
  • Je ne sors pas avec n’importe qui! I’m not going out with just anybody!
  • On peut aller n’importe où. Je n’ai pas d’un itinéraire fixe. We can go anywhere. I don’t have a set schedule.
  • Il chante n’importe comment! Quelle horreur! He’s singing any which way! How horrible!
  • Tu peux acheter n’importe quel fromage. Ils sont tous délicieux! You can buy any of the cheeses. They’re all delicious!
  • Vous pouviez venir n’importe quand. You can arrive at any time.
  • Je suis fatigué n’importe combien j’ai dormi. I’m tired no matter how much I slept.
  • Quel morceau de gateau veux-tu? N’importe lequel me convient! Which piece of cake do you want? Any piece is fine with me!

Finally, “n’importe” can be used on its own as a one-word interjection. The loose translation here is “either of them”, “it doesn’t matter”, “any of them”, “it makes no difference”, etc.

  • Quelle chemise veux-tu? N’importe! Which shirt do you want? Either of them!

Video tutorial: Expressions with “N’importe”

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