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Flaky pastries are France’s gift to global breakfasts. The breakout star of the buttery ensemble known as viennoiserie is undoubtedly the croissant, an icon of French gastronomy. They’re irresistible when visiting France, so here’s how to pronounce croissant in French like you’re a local. croissant /kʀwasɑ̃/

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French Canadian last names such as Côté, Lévesque, Lamontagne and Gagne are very common in the United States, especially in New England. Inevitably, many have been anglicized over time and sound completely different with a French accent. This post covers thirty common French-Canadian last names and explains how to pronounce them correctly in French (with …

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Calli Zarpas, blogger, producer, and content creator, is a lover of all things travel, wellness, and French. Having begun traveling in herĀ teens, Calli visited 30 countries before settling down in France post-college. When she's not writing French-languageĀ content for FrenchLearner or traveling the world, you can find Calli creating content for herself and others onĀ Instagram and her blog,Ā Wooish.

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