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Today’s Word of the Day lesson won’t just focus on one single word but 25 words! In particular, we’ll look at the 25 most difficult French words to pronounce. Have you ever struggled with words that seem almost impossible to say such as écureuil (squirrel) or accueil (reception, front desk)? Then this lesson is just …

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In today’s lesson, we’ll have a good look at how to pronounce the eu sound in French words. In most instances, eu sounds like “uh” as in un peu (a little). However, there is an instance where the pronunciation changes. Keep reading and we’ll explain with audio example sentences. eu sound in French /uh/ [ø]

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In French, the word for “United States” is États-Unis (pronounced aytaz-yunee). At first glace, this pronunciation looks quite easy. However, things become complicated quickly when we want to say either “the” United States, “to the” or “from the” United States. This post will cover these pronunciations in depth. États-Unis United States

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Crêpes were once eaten to celebrate La Chandeleur (Candlemas). But they were too darn tasty to wait all year for. With endless sweet and savory combos, they are a national comfort dish. Irresistible when in France, your tastebuds might thank you for mastering how to pronounce crêpe in French! crêpe /krehp/

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