Celine Dion Songs: List Of Greatest Hits In French & English

Celine Dion songs have been enjoyed by listeners from around the world for many years. With a 30-year career to date, the singer continues to impress fans with her new music and live shows. Today we’re going to discover some of Celine Dion’s greatest hits, including both her top French songs and her hit English tunes.

Celine Dion
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While Celine Dion had many challenges in her personal life, including the death of her manager and husband in 2016, she continues to inspire people to this day, even as she’s entered her 50s. Her lively performances and her passion for music shine through in everything she does, which is why she performs to sold-out audiences everywhere in the world.

The famous French-Canadian singer offers songs in both French and English, catering to a wide fan base in Canada, the US, and worldwide. Since her teenage years, she has impressed fans with her voice and unique style, releasing a whopping seven French albums by the age of just 18.

Her music can be heard in many of the world’s top movies and TV shows and is reproduced by other famous singers who admire her style and grace on the stage and screen.

She is particularly well known for her work on the Titanic (1997) and Beauty and the Beast (1991) soundtracks, which made her a household name with families around the world.

All of these songs mentioned on this post are still incredibly popular still, even many years after their release, and they are well worth taking a listen to if you aren’t familiar with them already.

Celine Dion Songs – Greatest French Hits:

  1. Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore
  2. Je Sais Pas
  3. On Ne Change Pas
  4. D’amour Ou D’Amitié
  5. Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi
  6. Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas

Celine Dion Songs – Greatest English Hits:

  1. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now
  2. The Power Of Love
  3. My Heart Will Go On
  4. I’m Alive
  5. That’s The Way It Is
  6. To Love You More

Celine Dion Top French Songs

1) Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore

Celine Dion has always remained close to her French roots, releasing songs such as the 1995 hit Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore. It stayed in the number one spot in France for 12 weeks, sharing the story of a woman who wishes to return to an ex-lover.

2) Je Sais Pas

Je Ne Sais Pas (1995) is Celine Dion’s greatest French hits. The title translates to “I Don’t Know” in English and describes the troubles and obstacles faced in life in this touching song. This page on our site covers the meaning of je ne sais pas in detail.

3) On Ne Change Pas

On Ne Change Pas shares that we don’t change in life, we just put other people’s costumes and ideas of us on. It was released in 1998 and was a success for Celine Dion within French-speaking countries.

4) D’amour Ou D’Amitié

D’amour Ou D’Amitié (1982), translating to “Of Love or Friendship,” was released in France and in Canada the following year. It tells the story of crossing the line from friendship to love with someone dear in your life.

5) Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi

Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi was one of the defining songs of Celine Dion’s career and was the Swiss winning entry during the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest. It made her an international star and increased her appeal to fans across Europe.

6) Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas

As one of her more recent French hits, Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas (2005) is about the fear of being forgotten by a lover. It was the lead single on her French-language greatest hits album.

Celine Dion Top English Songs

1) It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now was part of the 1996 album, Falling Into You. The song shares the story of losing a loved one and was written by Jim Steinman. It comes in at seven minutes and thirty-seven seconds on the album, making it one of her longest songs.

2) My Heart Will Go On

Without a doubt one of the most famous Celine Dion songs in English, My Heart Will Go On can be heard on the Titanic soundtrack. Released in 1996, it is one of the world’s best-selling singles to this date and was ranked the highest-selling track of the year. This song was part of the credits for the Titanic movie, sharing a sentimental message about love and life.

3) The Power Of Love

The 1993 album The Colour of My Love declared Celine Dion’s love for her manager and future husband to the world, with songs including The Power Of Love. This song was a remake of the 1985 hit by Jennifer Rush and would become one of her most famous tracks throughout the world.

4) I’m Alive

I’m Alive was released in 2002 as part of the album, A New Day Has Come. This uplifting song makes a change from some of her ballads and shares her joy of being both a mother and a wife during this stage in her life.

5) That’s The Way It Is

That’s The Way It Is is a timeless Celine Dion song that was released back in 1999 and spent 85 weeks on the Adult Contemporary Chart as part of the US Billboard charts. The song encourages the listener to not lose faith in love, no matter how tough things get.

6) To Love You More

“To Love You More” (1993) was another tale of love, with Celine longing for a past time with a lover. It was featured on the popular album The Colour of My Love and was written by David Foster and Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Celine Dion Songs – Conclusion

We hope that you’ve enjoyed going through this list of Celine Dion songs and have come to better appreciate the world’s most famous French-Canadian singer.

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