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Petit Papa Noël (Meaning: Little Father Christmas or Little Santa Claus; Pronunciation pəti papa nɔɛl) by Raymond Vincy and Henri Martinet is the most famous French Christmas song of all time. The song was initially recorded by Tino Rossi in 1946 and has been recorded by countless other artists since then.

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Noël Blanc (Meaning: White Christmas; Pronunciation nɔɛl blɑ̃) is the French version of White Christmas. White Christmas was originally written by Irving Berlin around the time of World War II and sung by Bing Crosby. In 1986, French-Canadian singer Céline Dion made a beautiful recording of Noël Blanc in French (see below).

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Douce Nuit, Sainte Nuit (Meaning: Sweet Night, Holy Night; Pronunciation dus nɥi sɛ̃t nɥi ) is the French version of the English Christmas carol, Silent Night. The original version of Silent Night was written in German and dates back to the early 1800s in Austria. The French version was made famous by the legendary Tino …

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Comme D’habitude (Meaning: As Usual; Pronunciation kɔm dabityd) is a hit French song by Claude François and the original version of Frank Sinatra’s signature song My Way. Released in 1967,  the song was composed by Jacques Revaux with lyrics written by François. Keep reading for in-depth explanations of the vocabulary and grammar of the song’s …

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