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How to Read French Signs For A Trip To France

How to Read French Signs For A Trip To France

If you’re planning a trip to France one of the most important and basic things to learn is how to read signs. This is a brief list of the most important signs you’ll need to know.

French "fermé" sign
  • À Louer For Rent
  • À Vendre For Sale
  • Accueil Reception
  • Ascenseur Elevator/Lift
  • Attendez Ici Wait Here
  • Attention Au Chien! Beware Of Dog!
  • Attention! Caution!
  • Bienvenue! Welcome!
  • Caisse Cashier
  • Chaud! Hot!
  • Chemin Privé Private Way
  • Chiens Interdits No Dogs
  • Complet No vacancies/Full
  • Dames Women
  • Défence De Fumer No Smoking
  • Entrée Entrance
  • Entrée Interdit No Entrance
  • Fermé Closed
  • Fermer La Porte Close The Door
  • Fumeurs Smoking Area
  • Hommes Mens
  • Ne Pas Déranger Do Not Distrurb
  • Ne Pas Toucher Do Not Touch
  • Occupé In Use/Occupied
  • Ouvert Opened
  • Peinture Fraîche Fresh Paint
  • Photo Interdit No Pictures
  • Renseignements Information
  • Reservé Reserved
  • Salle D’Attente Waiting Room
  • Sortie Exit
  • Sortie De Secours Emergency Exit
  • Tirez Pull

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