Entendre (To Hear) Meaning, Usage, Example Sentences

entendreThe French verb entendre regular -re verb that means to hear. On this page we’ll look at several meanings of the verb and examine some example sentences.

entendre + definite object

Entendre + definite object means to hear.

par example:

  • Est-ce que tu m’entends? Do you hear me?
  • J’entends le bruit du train. I can hear the noise of the train.
  • Je n’ai rien entendu. I didn’t hear anything.

s’entendre avec qqn

S’entendre avec quelqu’un means to get along with somebody. This is definitely an idiomatic expression and cannot be translated directly to English.

par example:

  • Je m’entends bien avec mon colocataire. I get along well with my roommate.
  • Marie s’entend bien avec Philippe. Marie gets along well with Philippe.

entendre dire que

Entendre dire que means “heard that.” Normally this is said in the passe compose.

par example:

  • J’ai entendu dire que Martin est parti. I heard that Martin left.
  • J’ai entendu dire que les magasins vont refermer. I heard the stores are going going to close again.

entendre parler de

Entendre parler de + noun means “heard of”.

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par example:

  • As-tu entendu parler de ce film? Have you heard about this movie?
  • J’ai entendu parler de ce chanteur. I’ve hard of this singer.


S’entendre translates to “is used: or “can be heard”.

par example:

Cette expression s’entend encore en France. This expression is still used in France.

related nouns

There are several noun and adjectives related to entendre.

par example:

  • un entendement understanding
  • une entente understanding
  • une mésentente disagreement
  • bien entendu of course, naturally
  • un sous-entendu innuendo
  • un malentendu misunderstanding
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