Regular RE Verbs

verbes du troisième groupe

French Regular RE VerbsThe third group of regular are verbs after the ER and IR groups consists of the regular RE verbs. The verb endings are as follows: -s, -s, -, -ons, -ez and -ent. A common mistake is to pronounce the d in the je, tu and il forms. Do not do this. Pronounce the d in the third-person plural ils form.

vendre (to sell) – example verb in six main tenses

Present (Vendre = to Sell)
je vends I sell
tu vends you sell
il vend he sells
nous vendons we sell
vous vendez you sell
ils vendent they sell
j'ai vendu I sold
tu as vendu you sold
il a vendu he sold
nous avons vendu we sold
vous avez vendu you sold
ils ont vendu they sold
je vendais I used to sell
tu vendais you used to sell
il vendait he used to sell
nous vendions we used to sell
vous vendiez you used to sell
ils vendaient they used to sell
je vendrais I would sell
tu vendrais you would sell
il vendrait he would sell
nous vendrions we would sell
vous vendriez you would sell
ils vendraient they would sell
je vendrai I will sell
tu vendras you will sell
il vendra he will sell
nous vendrons we will sell
vous vendrez you will sell
ils vendront they will sell
que je vende that I sell
que tu vendes that you sell
qu'il vende that he sells
que nous vendions that we sell
que vous vendiez that you sell
qu'ils vendent they they sell

List of Common Regular RE Verbs

attendreto wait
confondreto confuse
défendreto defend
descendreto go down
détendreto relax
entendreto hear
étendreto spread
interrompreto interrupt
mordreto bite
perdreto lose
prétendreto claim
rendreto give back, return
répondreto answer, respond
rompreto break
tendreto stretch out, offer
tordreto twiste

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