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À un moment donné – At some point

À un moment donné – At some point

In today’s lesson we’ll have a look at the expression à un moment donné, which translates to “at some point”. Donner means “to give”. Hence, the literal translation is “at a given moment”. À un moment donné, j’apprendrai tous ces mots! At some point I’ll learn all these words!

à un moment donné

at some point

À un moment donné - At some point

Example sentences

This first example sentence uses the impersonal expression il faut (it’s necessary) in the near future tense. I’ve explain how to use il faut in this lesson.

À un moment donné il va falloir remplacer la voiture.

At some point we’ll have to replace the car.

This sentence uses the word maison, which I covered in this lesson.

À un moment donné Jacques vendra la maison.

At some point Jacques will sell the house.

In French, the expression for “making” a decision uses the verb prendre (to take). In this lesson I cover rien, which means “nothing” and “anything”.

Je prendrai une decision à un moment donné mais pour le moment je ne fais rien.

At some point I’ll make a decision but for now I’m not doing anything.


Et voilà ! Now you know how to use the expression à un moment donné. Not check out our lesson explaining how to use temps, which means both time and weather.

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