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Toutefois – However

Toutefois – However

Today we’ll look at a more advanced word which you can use in conversation: toutefois. Translations include however, notwithstanding and nevertheless.

toutefois [tutfwa]


Toutefois - however

Example sentences

In this first example sentence, I use the preposition envers (towards), which I explain in this lesson.

Il est très généreux envers sa famille. Toutefois, il n’est pas généreux envers lui-même.

He’s very generous towards his family. However, he’s not generous towards himself.

This sentence uses the verb réussir, which means to succeed. It can also means “to pass” as in passing an exam.

Elle a réussi son baccalauréat ; toutefois elle doit encore étudier.

She passed her baccalaureate. Nevertheless, she still has to study.

This sentence uses c’est to mean “he is” rather than il est. I explain c’est vs. il est on this page.

C’est un homme célèbre, toutefois les gens ne le reconnaissent pas dans la rue.

He’s a famous man. However, people don’t recognize him in the street.


Et voilà ! You now know how to use toutefois in French. Now check our our lesson explaining how to use cependant, which also means however and nevertheless.

Toutefois - however, notwithstanding, nevertheless

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