French Futur Proche, Immediate Future Tense, Aller + Infinitive

Futur procheOne of the most useful and easiest tenses to learn in French is the immediate future tense. This is used to describe things that you’re going to do. It can be used to describe both things you’ll do right away as well as in the more distant future.

The construction is quite straight forward. What you do is take the present tense of “aller” (to go”) and follow it with a verb in the infinitive.

It would be helpful here to review the verb aller (to go) in the present tense.

  • Je vais – I go
  • tu vas – you go
  • Il va, elle va = He, she goes
  • Nous allons – we go
  • Vous allez – you (pl or formal) go
  • Ils, elles vont – they go

Here’s a basic example of the immediate future tense. To say, “I’m going to eat”, say: “Je vais manger.” This simply means “I’m going to eat” but you could also follow it by different times.

For example:

  • Je vais manger demain. I’m going to eat tomorrow.
  • Je vais manger à midi. I’m going to eat at noon.

Examples of the futur proche

  • Je vais acheter une nouvelle voiture. I’m going to buy a new car.
  • Nous allons acheter une nouvelle voiture. We’re going to buy a new car.
  • Ils vont regarder un film ce soir. They’re going to watch a movie tonight.
  • Tu vas voyager en France. You’re going to travel in France.
  • Elle va faire ses devoirs. She’s going to do her homework.
  • Je vais aller au travail. I’m going to go to work.
  • Il va faire du ski. He’s going to go skiing.
  • Les enfants vont nager. The kids are going to go swimming.
  • Vous allez jouer de la guitare. You’re going to play the guitar.
  • Je vais dîner au restaurant. I’m going to eat in the restaurant.

Review: use aller + infintiive

Again, what we’ve just learned is the “immediate future”. It’s used to talking about things we’re going to do. Use the present of “aller” plus an infinitive.

Last example:

  • Je vais apprendre ces verbes. I’m going to learn these verbs 🙂
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