Mettre (To Put) Meaning, Usage, Example Sentences

mettreThe irregular French verb mettre means to put but is one of the most versatile verbs in the language. On this page we look at all the meanings of this verb with several example sentences..

basic usage – to put

  • Je mets le livre sur la table. I put the book on the table.
  • Je mets de l’essence dans la voiture. I put gas in the car.

secondary usage – to put on, to wear

  • Je mets un jean et un pull. I put on/am wearing jeans and a sweater.
  • Elle met une chemise rose avant de sortir. She puts on a pink shirt before going out.

setting the table

  • Qui met la table ce soir? Who’s setting the table tonight?
  • Nous mettons la table avant de manger. We set the table before eating.

turning on lights, TV, etc.

  • Elle met la télévision avant de regarder le film. She turns on the TV before watching the movie.
  • Je mets la lumière pour voir ce que je fais. I turn on the light to see what I’m doing.

se mettre à = to start

  • Je me mets à travailler. I start working.
  • Il se met à lire. He starts reading.

mettre expressions

  • mettre à feu to set on fire
  • mettre de l’argent de coté to put money aside
  • mettre quelque chose à jour to update
  • mettre quelqu’un à l’aise to make somebody feel comfortable
  • mettre à l’écart to sideline
  • mettre à l’index to blacklist
  • mettre quelqu’un à la porte to fire, sack
  • mettre à la une to make something headline news
  • mettre à part to set aside
  • mettre au chômage to lay off
  • mettre quelqu’un au courant to brief, bring somebody up to date

compound verbs

Compound verbs using mettre are written with prefixes. The verbs are conjugated in the same way. Interestingly, the English equivalents mostly end in “it” the the words are very similar in both languages.

  • admettre to admit, j’admis I admit
  • promettre to promise, je promets I promise
  • commettre to commit, je commets I commit
  • transmettre to transmit, je transmets I transmit
  • admettre to admit, j’admets I admit
  • permettre to permit, je permets I permit
  • soumettre to submit, je soumets I submit
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