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To Hide in French – Se Cacher

To Hide in French – Se Cacher

In this lesson you will learn how to say, “to hide” in French. The verb is “cacher“. For example, if you want to say, “I hide the bottle” you’d say, “je cache la bouteille”. However, if you’d like to say you’re personally hiding or you’re hiding yourself, you’d say “Je me cache” (I’m hiding).

In this case “cacher” becomes a reflexive verb and you need to add that “me” in for the Je form. In the video I teach you how to say, “the cat is hiding”. You say: “Le chat se cache”. In this case you need the “Se” before the verb because the cat is hiding himself.


Se Cacher = To Hide Oneself

je me cache = I hide myself
tu te caches = You hide yourself
il/elle/on se cache = He/She/One hides himself
nous nous cachons = We hide ourselves
vous vous cachez = You hide yourselves
ils/elles se cachent = They hide themselves

Further explanations: Thus, if you’re saying a sentence where somebody a group of people are hiding themselves you need to use this reflexive forming of adding me, te, se etc. However, if you’re saying a simple sentence where the subject is hiding an object you do not need to use this reflexive form.

Example Sentences


Je me cache dans ma chambre.
I hide in my room.

Le chat se cache sous les plantes.
The cat is hiding under the plants.

La fille ne se cache jamais.
The girl never hides.

Tu peux courir mais tu ne peux pas te cacher.
You can run but you cannot hide.

Ils se cachent ensemble.
They are hiding together.

Normal – non-reflexive

La mère cache les bonbons.
The mother hides the candy.

Elle cache sa lettre quel’que part.
She is hiding her somewhere.

Est-ce que tu as quel’que chose à cacher?
Do you have something to hide?

Où est-ce que tu cache ton argent?
Where do you hide your money?

Je le cache dans un endroit secret.
I hide it in a secret place.

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