Venir (To Come in French), Usage, Meaning, Example Sentences

venirThe French verb venir means to come. It’s an essential verb for beginners to learn and is used in a variety of situations. The most important forms are listed below with audio to help with pronunciation. Here you can find the complete verb tables. The French also use venir in the recent past tense to express, ‘I just’. We explain the passé récent on this page

Meanings and example sentences

coming from

The first and most important use of venir deals with where somebody or something comes from.

  • Elle vient de France. She’s from France.
  • Nous venons des États-Unis. We’re from the United States.
  • D’où est-ce que tu viens? Where are you from?
  • Il vient du magasin. He’s coming from the store.

‘I just…’

Venir de + infinitive is also used in the immediate past.

  • Je viens de finir mon travail. I just finished my work.
  • Ils viennent de manger. They just ate.

On it/their way

As a reflexive verb, s’en venir means to be on its way.

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  • J’attends des livres depuis quelques semaines mais je suis certain qu’ils s’en viennent.  I’ve been waiting for the books for a few weeks but I’m sure they’re on their way.

to happen to

Venir à + infinitive means to happen to.

  • Si je viens à avoir un bon site, j’aurai beaucoup d’etudiants. If I happen to have a good site I’ll have a lot of students.

to triumph

Venir à bout de + infinitive means to triumph or overcome.

  • J’ai fini par venir à bout de tou mes problèmes. I ended up overcoming all my problems.

to send for

Faire venir means to send for.

Faites venir les voitures, s’il vous plaît. On s’en va toute de suite. Please get the cars. We’re leaving now.

to pick up

Venir chercher means to come and get something.

  • Je viens chercher le colis à la poste. I’m coming to pick up the package at the post office.
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