French Days of the Week

les jours de la semaine

Here you will learn how to say the days of the week (les jours de la semaine) in French. They are very simple and quite straightforward and the pronunciation is not very difficult. Note that in French the days of the week are written in the lower case and not capitalized like in English.

What day is it?Quel jour sommes-nous?kehl zhoor som noo
It's...nous sommes...noo som
It's on est...ohn ay
next Mondaylundi prochainlandeeproshehn
last Mondaylundi dernierlandee dehrneeay
see you monday!à lundi!ah landee
the day beforela veillelah vehy
the next dayle lendemainler lahngdermang
two days ago il y a deux joursell ee ah dur zhoor
in three dansdans trois joursdahng trwah zhoor
the day after tomrrowaprès-demainapreh dermang
the day before yesterdayavant-hierahvahng tyehr
weekla semainelah sermehn
next week la semaine prochainela sermehn proshehn
last weekla semaine passéela sermehn pahssay
two weeks (fortnight)quinze jourskangz zhoor
day offle jour de congéler zhoor der kawngzhay
public, bank holidayun jour fériéuhn zhoor fayreeay
weekendle week-endler weekend
daily (adj)quotidien(ne)koteediehn, koteediehnn
on week days, during the weeken semaineuhn sermehn

Example phrases using days of the week

  • What day is it? Quel jour est-ce?
  • Today is Wednesday. Aujourd’hui, c’est mercredi.
  • Tomorrow is Thursday. Demain, c’est jeudi.

Note that in French to say “on” a given day in the general sense, the day is written out in the singular preceded by the definite article. This is unlike English, which uses the plural. For example:

  • Tomorrow is Thursday. Demain, c’est jeudi.
  • I rest on Saturdays. Je me repose le samdi.
  • I work on Tuesdays. Je travaille le mardi.

When referring ‘on the weekend’ or ‘on weekends’ the French anglicism is also kept in the singular. For example: 

  • Je ne travaille pas le week-end. I don’t work on weekends.
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