le tourisme sightseeing l’attraction touristique tourist attraction
le tourist tourist
la guide tour guide
la visite guidée guided tour
l’ininéraire itinerary
le bus touristique tour bus
les souvenirs souvenirs acheter un souvenir to buy a souvenir
les attractions attractions le monument monument le musée museum
le musée d’art art museum
le tableau painting l’object exposé exposition/exhibit
le monument historique historic monument
les ruines ruins le parc garden/park
le casino casino le parc national national park
l’information information
ouvert open fermé closed le prix d’entrée entrance fee/price
le guide guide book
la pellicule film les piles batteries
le caméscope les directions directions à gauche to the left
à droit to the right
tout droit straight ahead
faire la visite to do the tour.

On this page you’ll find a complete list of French sightseeing vocabulary words. Overall these words are not too complicated and don’t take too much time to learn. Please pay close attention to the difference between “le guide” and “la guide“. “Le guide“, in the masculine form means “guide book” while “la guide” in the feminine form means “tour guide”. Finally, please note the heavy usage of the word, “visiter” in French. Unlike the English meaning of the very “to visit”, “Visiter” means to take or go on the tour in French.

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