French Bathroom Vocabulary

In this lesson you’ll learn some useful French bathroom words. If you go to France and are looking for any of these items in the supermarket then this list will be very useful. Please note the use of the word for bathroom in French: la salle de bains. In France, the “salle de bains” almost always includes a full showing and/or bathing facility along with the wash basin. It’s important to distinguish this with the “WC” (water closet) or “toilette” as these refer to a small room only a few square feet in area that simply comprises a toilet and sink for hand washing. NOTE: This is an audio lesson. Click on any of the french vocab words, listen, repeat and practice your pronunciation.

la salle de bains bathroomles toilettes bathroom
le papier toilette toilet paperla chasse d'eau flusher
se laver les dents to brush one's teethla brosse à dents toothbrush
la dentifrice toothpastele fil dentaire dental floss
le rince-bouche mouthwashune serviette towel
un peignoir de bain bathrobela douche shower
prendre une douche to take a showerla baignoire bathtub
le savon soaple shampooing shampoo
se raser to shaveune lame de rasoir shaving blade
la crème à raser shaving creamun rasoir électrique electric shaver
le lavabo sink sinkle robinet faucet/tap (UK)
un sèche-cheveux hairdryerle miroir mirror

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