Days of the Week

French Days of the WeekIn this lesson you will learn how to say the days of the week (les jours de la semaine) in French. They are very simple and quite straightforward and the pronunciation is not very difficult.

Please note that there is a big difference between English and French when it comes to the days of the week.

In English we always capitalize the days for example Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. In French, however, you never capitalize the days of the week except when one of them is at the beginning of a sentence.

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lundi Monday
mardi Tuesday
mercredi Wednesday
jeudi Thurday
vendredi Friday
samedi Saturday
dimanche Sunday

Quel jour est-ce? What day is it?
Aujourd’hui, c’est vendredi. Today is Friday.
Demain c’est samedi. Tomorrow is Saturday.
Hier c’était mardi. Yesterday was Tuesday.

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