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La Décadance (Meaning: The decadence) was a hit song released in 1972 by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Similar to Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus, La Décadance is racy in nature given the sexual innuendos of the lyrics. Keep reading as we provide the complete French lyrics and English translation with line-by-line analysis of the vocabulary …

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Ella, elle l’a (Meaning: Ella, she has it; Pronunciation: ɛla ɛl la) is a hit song by French singer France Gall. Written by Michel Berger and released as a single in 1987 on the album Babacar, the song soared to the top of the charts in Europe and was a big hit internationally.

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Noël Blanc (Meaning: White Christmas; Pronunciation nɔɛl blɑ̃) is the French version of White Christmas. White Christmas was originally written by Irving Berlin around the time of World War II and sung by Bing Crosby. In 1986, French-Canadian singer Céline Dion made a beautiful recording of Noël Blanc in French (see bottom of post).

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Douce Nuit, Sainte Nuit (Meaning: Sweet Night, Holy Night; Pronunciation dus nɥi sɛ̃t nɥi ) is the French version of the English Christmas carol, Silent Night. The original version of Silent Night was written in German and dates back to the early 1800s in Austria. The French version was made famous by the legendary Tino …

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