French Gateau BN Commercial

This is a fun, short commercial for a kids snack called BN Gâteau from the 1980s. The commercial is very short but makes use of lots of interesting grammar including the futur proche and indefinite relative pronoun ce que.

commercial text and translation

  • Un BN, ça nourrit tout ce qu’on a fait a l’école et tout ce qu’on va faire après l’école.
    A BN nourishes everything you did at school and everything you will do after school.
  • BN, un goûter bien rempli pour le creux de quatre heures.
    BN, a fulfilling snack for the 4 o’clock snack.

vocabulary and grammar of interest

  • Ça – means “that”. Often used to refer back to an idea of something intangible. Ça, c’est intéressant! That’s interesting!
  • Ce que– This is the indefinite relative pronoun ce que meaning what. Je ne sais pas ce que je vais dire. I don’t know what I’m going to say.
  • On – third-person singular personal pronoun literally meaning “one”. Can also be translated to you in the general sense.
  • On va faire – this is the futur proche or near future tense. Je vais manger. I’m going to eat.
  • Un goûter (n) – as noun goûter means snack. As a verb goûter à quelque chose means to taste something.
  • Creux (n.) – this is a noun that translates to a hallow, depression or cavity. “avoir un creux” is slang for being hungry.

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