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Casser Les Pieds (French Expression Meaning & Translation)

Casser Les Pieds (French Expression Meaning & Translation)

Casser les pieds à quelqu’un is one of my all time favorite French expressions. The literal translation is “to break the feet” but the real meanings of the idiom include: to annoy, to get on somebody’s nerves, to drive somebody up the wall and to drive nuts.

casser les pieds

Expression: to annoy, drive nuts

The exact origin of this expression is unknown. According to, the expression casser les pieds is related to another expression which has do with bothering people with annoying noise: casser les oreilles (literally to break the ears).

In general, the underlying meaning of casser les pieds has to do with bothering somebody by an unwelcomed physical presence.

Here are some example sentences:

Arrête! Tu me casse les pieds!

Stop! You’re driving me nuts!

Ce chien me casse les pieds. Il n’arrête pas de me déranger quand je suis en train de travailler.

This dog is bothering me. He doesn’t stop bothering me while I’m working.

Je n’aime pas Thomas. Il me casse les pieds !

I don’t like Thomas. He drives me nuts!

Casser les pieds example

Casse-pieds can also be a noun with the following translations: pain in the neck, pain in the ass, pest or nuisance.

  • Il m’énerve ce mec! Quel casse-pieds! This guy is bothering me. What a pest!

Casse-pieds is also an invariable adjective meaning annoying irritating, exasperating, boring and dull.

  • Tu es très casse-pieds avec toutes tes demandes! You are very annoying with all your requests!


Congratulations! You now know how to use the French expression, cassiers les pieds. Now have a look at some other fun French expressions including être dans la lune (to have your head in the clouds) and tomber dans les pommes (to faint).

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