casser les pieds à quelqu’un

Casser les pieds à quelqu’un is one of my all time favorite French expressions. The literal translation is “to break somebody’s feet” but the real meanings of the idiom include:

  • to get on somebody’s nerves
  • to drive somebody up the wall
  • to drive somebody nuts
  • to annoy somebody

Here are some example sentences:

  • Arrête! Tu me casse les pieds! Stop! You’re driving me nuts!

Casse-pieds can also be a noun with the following translations:

  • pain in the neck
  • pain in the ass
  • pest, pain, nuisace

par example:

  • Il m’énerve ce mec! Quel casse-pieds! This guy is bothering me. What a pest!

As an adjective casse-pieds means:

  • annoying
  • irritating
  • exasperating
  • boring
  • dull 

par example:

  • Tu es très casse-pieds avec toutes tes demandes! You are very annoying with all your requests!

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