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Ce n’est pas grave – It’s no bid deal in French

Ce n’est pas grave – It’s no bid deal in French

In today’s lesson we’ll learn one of my favorite French expressions: Ce n’est pas grave, meaning “it’s no big deal”. I learned this expression by ear when I was an exchange student in high school in France and quickly realized that that the French use it all the time.

Ce n’est pas grave

It’s no bid deal

Ce n'est pas grave (Meaning: It's no bid deal in French)

Ce n’est pas grave – It’s no bid deal

Expression origin

In French, the adjective grave means “serious” or “grave”. The modern French word grave comes form gravis in Latin.


The expression ce n’est pas grave (it’s no big deal) is pronounced: suh nay pah grahv or [sə nɛ pa gʀav].

Example sentences

This first sentence uses the masculine noun problème (problem). This lesson covers seven ways to say “no problem” in French.

Ne t’inquiète pas. Il n’y a pas de problème. Ce n’est pas grave.

Don’t worry. There’s no problem. It’s no big deal.

In French, trouver means “to find”. In the reflexive form and with the prefix re, the verb se retrouver means “to meet up”.

Tu ne viens pas demain ? Écoute, c’est pas grave. On se retourve un autre jour.

You aren’t coming tomorrow? Listen, it’s no big deal. We’ll meet up another day.

This final example sentence uses the verb dire, which means “to say”. This page offers conjugation tables and example sentences for dire.

Pourquoi est-ce que tu dis que ce n’est pas grave? – Moi, je pense que c’est très grave !

Why are you saying it’s no big deal? – I think it’s a very big deal!


Et voilà ! You now know how to say “it’s no big deal” in French – ce n’est pas grave! Now check our our lesson covering the fun French idiom avoir le cafard (literally to have the cockroach), which means to be depressed or down in the dumps.

Ce n’est pas grave ! It’s no big deal!

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