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How To Use “Déménager” (To Move Out) In French

How To Use “Déménager” (To Move Out) In French

In today’s lesson we’ll have a look at the verb déménager, which means “to move”. This verb came onto our radar screen as students often confuse its usage. In short, déménager means “to move out“. In this post we’ll also explain how to use emménager (to move in) as well as aménager (to convert).


to move (out)

Word origin

The French verb déménager (to move out) is comprised of the verb ménager with the prefix . The verb ménager is related to the masculine noun ménage, which means household. Ménage is derived from mansio in Classic Latin. The French preposition is related to the Latin prefix dis, meaning apart, from and out.


The pronunciation of déménager is: [de-me-na-ʒe].

Example sentences

As mentioned, déménager means “to move” but specifically “to move out” – to exit a dwelling or property. The negation ne…plus means “anymore”. This lesson explains French negation rules.

Je n’aime plus cet appartement. Je déménage le 15 avril.

I don’t like this apartment anymore. I’m moving out on April 15.

In French, the masculine noun déménagement means “move” as in a “house move”.

Quelle est la date de votre déménagement ?

What’s the date of your move?

The related French verb emménager has an em prefix and means “to move in“.

Je vais emménager dans un nouvel appartement la semaine prochaine.

I’m going to move into a new apartment next week.

Aménager is a related French verb and means “to convert”, “to set up” and “to rearrange”.

Nous allons aménager cette pièce en chambre d’amis.

We’re going to convert this room into a guest room.


Et voilà ! Now you know how to say “to move” in French and you know the difference between déménager, emménager and aménager. Now check our our lesson where we explain vivre vs habiter, which both mean “to live”.

Example of how to use déménager in French.
Je vais déménager demain. I’m going to move out tomorrow.

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