Interrogative Adjectives

Quel, quelle, quels, quelles

The interrogative adjective quel means which or what. It must agree in number and gender with the noun it modifies. Quel can be followed by a noun, a conjugated form of être (e.g. quel est…?).

SINGULARQuel livre?Which book?Quelle table?Which table?
PLURALQuels livres?Which books?Quelles tables? Which tables?

Quel is often preceded by a preposition.

  • De quel film parles-tu? What movie are you talking about?
  • Pour quelle raison êtes-vous en retard? Why are you late?
  • Avec quelle frequence parlez-vous francais? How often do you speak French?
  • De quelle couleur sont tes cheveux? What color is your hair?

Quel can be followed by a noun + est-ce que or a noun then the question asked using the inversion.

  • Quelle langue est-ce que tu étudies? What language are you studying?
  • Quel état aimes-tu le plus? What is your favorite state?
  • Quel film est-ce que tu veux regarder? What movie do you want to watch?
  • Quel roman veux-tu lire? What book do you want to read?
  • Quelles villes veux-tu visiter? Which cities do you want to visit?

Quel can also precede être (est or sont depending on singular or plural) to mean what or which is or are.

  • Quel est le problème? What’s the problem?
  • Quelles sont tes activités préférées? What are you favorite activities?
  • Quelle est la capitale de la suisse? Whats’ the capital of Switzerland?
  • Quels sont les pays francophones? What are the French-speaking countries?

Quel is also used in a lot of very common day-to-day questions.

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  • Quel âge as-tu? How old are you?
  • Quel jour sommes-nous? What day is it?
  • Quelle heure est-il? What time is it?
  • Quelle est la date aujourd’hui? What’s the date today?
  • Quel temps fait-il? How’s the weather?
  • Quel est ton nom? What’s your name?

Quel may also precede a noun in the form of an exclamation.

  • Quelle bonne journée! What a beautiful day!
  • Quelle voiture! What are car!
  • Quelle horreur! How awful!
  • Quelle surprise! What a surprise!
  • Quel abruti! (slang!) What an idiot!
  • Quel dommage! What a shame!

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