être dans la lune

“Être dans la lune” is a fun French expression that translates literally to “to be in the moon” or “to be on the moon”. The idiom has the the following meanings:

  • to have your head in the clouds
  • to be miles away
  • to be in a dream
  • to be lost in your thoughts
  • to be daydreaming

French-to-French definitions include être distrait or absorbé (to be distracted or absorbed in one’s own thoughts).

Here’s an example sentence:

  • Il est tellement étourdi. Il est perdu dans ses pensées. On dirait qu’il est dans la lune. He’s so absent minded. He is lost in his thoughts. You’d say he has his head in the clouds.

Here are some more fun expressions that have to do with the moon (la lune):

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  • décrocher la lune to do the impossible
  • demander la lune to ask the impossible
  • être bien luné to be in a good mood
  • promettre la lune à qqn to make impossible promises

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