poser un lapin à quelqu’un

“Poser un lapin à quelqu’un” has long been one of my favorite French expressions. Literal translations are “To put a rabbit to somebody” or more loosely, “to give somebody a rabbit”. Meanings of this idiom are:

  • to stand somebody up
  • to keep an appointment

A simple French-to-French definition is ne pas aller à un rendez-vous, or to not go to an appointment or meeting.

Here’s a sample sentence:

  • On s’est donné rendez-vous au restaurant à 18h00. Je l’ai attendue jusqu’à 17h00 et elle n’est pas venue. Elle m’a posé un lapin. We had an appointment at the restaurant at 6.00pm. I waited for her until 7.00pm and she didn’t come. She stood me up.

Watch Alexa teach the expression, poser un lapin à quelqu’un.

Video source: Learn French With Alexa

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