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À Mon Avis – In my opinion in French

À Mon Avis – In my opinion in French

In today’s lesson we’ll focus on a very common and useful expression: À mon avis, which means “in my opinion”. Other loose translations incldue “if you ask me” and “I think”. We also learn several other ways to say “in my opinion”. Keep reading!

À mon avis

In my opinion

À mon avis = in my opinion in French

Word origin

The French expression à mon avis (in my opinion) is comprised of the preposition à (to or at), mon (my) and avis. The modern French word avis translates to “opinion”, “view” and “point of view” and comes from the Latin word vīsum (vision, visual and mental image).

Example sentences

As mentioned, à mon avis is the expression for “in my opinion”. In French, the verb passer is used to express physically passing by a place and spending time.

À mon avis, les jeunes d’aujourd’hui passent trop de temps sur les réseaux sociaux.

In my opinion, the young people today spend too much time on social networks.

In French, the expression changer d’avis means “to change your mind”. The feminine noun réponse is related to the verb répondre and means reply, answer and response.

Donnez-moi une réponse avant que je change d’avis !

Give me your answer before I change my mind!

There are two other expressions for “in my opinion” which we thought we’d include in today’s lesson: selon moi and d’après moi. Both words selon and d’après mean “according to”. This lesson on our site explores example sentences using les Jeux olympiques (the Olympic Games).

Selon moi, les Jeux olympiques ne sont pas bien organisés.

In my opinion, the Olympic Games are not well organized.

For this final example sentence, the expression il faut can translate to “you have to” or “it’s necessary”. We provide a complete explanation of il faut in this lesson.

D’après moi, il faut voyager en France pour bien apprendre le français.

In my opinion, you have to travel to France to learn French well.


Et voilà ! Now you know how to use à mon avis (in my opinion) in French! Now check our our lesson covering the word pourtant (yet, however)!

Example of how to use à mon avis in French: À mon avis c'était une leçon tres utile! In my opinion it was a very useful lesson!
À mon avis c’était une leçon très utile! In my opinion it was a very useful lesson!

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