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Félicitations – Congratulations!

Félicitations – Congratulations!

In today’s lesson we’ll look at word which I often use at the very end of my word-of-the-day lessons: félicitations, meaning congratulations. Félicitations pour ta réussite! Congratulations on your success!



French word of the day lesson explaining how to use félicitations, meaning congratulaitons.

Félicitations – Congratulations

Word origin

The French feminine plural noun félicitations is a combination of the verb féliciter (to congratulate) and the suffix -ation. Féliciter comes from felicitare (to make happy) in Latin. The suffix -ation comes from -atio in Latin, meaning “action”. A related French feminine noun félicité translates to bliss or happiness.

Example sentences

In this first sentence, avoir (to have) in the passé composé means “got” or “received”. The baccalauréat or “bac” is a French exam which equates to a high school diploma.

Félicitations, tu as eu ton baccalauréat !

Congratulations! You passed your bac!

The French often use félicitations on birthdays.

Félicitations ! Quel âge as-tu maintenant ?

Congratulations! How old are you now?

In French, félicitations pour equates to “congratulations on”. This lesson covers retraite (retirement) and this lesson covers projet (plan, project).

Félicitations pour ta retraite ! Quels sont tes projets ?

Congratulations on your retirement! What are you plans?


Félicitations ! Congratulations on knowing how to use this word! Now check our a related lesson covering bon anniversaire (happy birthday).

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