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Le printemps – How to say spring or springtime in French

Le printemps – How to say spring or springtime in French

In today’s lesson we will look at one of the most beautiful words in the French langauge: le printemps, which translates to “spring”, or “springtime”. Let’s jump right into the examples!

le printemps


le printemps = spring, springtime in French

Printemps – spring, springtime in French

Word origin

According to, the modern French masculine noun printemps (spring, springtime) comes from Old French prin temps, meaning “first time”. Prin in turn comes from the Latin primus (that which comes first) and temps comes from the Latin tempus (time, duration, time period).


The pronunciation of printemps is: [pʀɛ̃-tɑ̃].

Example sentences

For this first sentence I could have also used the adjective favori for “favorite”. Hence, in the feminine form ma saison favorite.

Le printemps est ma saison préférée.

Spring is my favorite season.

This second sentence uses the pronoun on, which can translate to “one”, “we”, “you” and people in general.

Le printemps commence. On voit les bourgeons sur les arbres.

Springtime is starting. You can see the buds on the trees.

This sentence uses a calandar date. I cover this topic in this lesson.

Le mardi 19 mars est le premier jour du printemps.

Tuesday, March 19 is the first day of spring.

In French, plein de is synonomous for beaucoup de, which means “a lot of”. I explain beaucoup in this lesson.

Au printemps, on voit plein de fleurs.

You can see lots of flowers in springtime.

For this last sentence, the expression faire le ménage means “to do housework”. Le ménage de printemps means “spring cleaning”.

Demain je vais faire le ménage de printemps.

I’m going to do spring cleaning tomorrow.


Et voilà ! Now you know how to use printemps in French! Now check our our lesson explaining the vocabulary and prepositions for seasons in French!

Example sentence using "le printemps":
Le printemps commence ! Springtime is starting!
Le printemps commence ! Springtime is starting!

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