Numbers in the Hundreds

One of the best ways to learn the numbers in French is by practicing a lot. One method that I’ve used to master the numbers and highly recommend to my students is to pick random numbers and say them aloud. Here I’ve picked ten random numbers in the hundreds for you to practice. Good luck!

cent cinquante-sept one-hundred fifty-seven (157)
cent quatre-vingt quinze one-hundred ninety-five (195)
deux-cent vingt-et-un two-hundred twenty-one (221)
trois-cent quatre-vingt huit three-hundred eight-eight (388)
sept-cent douze seven-hundred twelve (712)
neuf-cent quatre-vingt dix-neuf nine-hundred ninety-nine (999)
huit-cent quatre-vingt deux eight-hundred eighty-two (882)
six-cent cinquante six-hundred fifty (650)
quatre-cent trente-cinq four-hundred thirty-five (435)
cinq-cent soixante-neuf five-hundred sixty-nine (569)

Numbers in the Thousands

Here I’ve picked a bunch of random high numbers in the thousands for you to practice. Test yourself and see if you can say them!

dix-mille deux-cent vingt-cinq ten-thousand two-hundred twenty-five (10,225)
onze-mille quatre-cent vingt-et-un eleven-thousand four-hundred twenty-one (11,421)
douze-mille neuf-cent douze twelve-thousand nine-hundred twelve (12,912)
treize-mille huit-cent trente-deux thirteen-thousand eight-hundred thirty-two (13,832)
quatorze-mille huit-cent soixante-douze fourteen-thousand eight-hundred twelve (14,872)
quinze-mille neuf-cent quatre-vingt un fifteen-thousand nine-hundred eighty-one (15,981)
seize-mille neuf-cent douze sixteen-thousand nine-hundred twelve (16,912)
dix-huit mille cent vingt-trois eighteen thousand one hundred twenty-three (18,123)
dix-neuf mille huit-cent soixante-et-un nine-teen thousand eight-hundred sixty-one (18,123)

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