The Gerund

le gérondif

The French gerund is made by combing en with the present participle. The present participle is made by replacing the -ons in the nous present form with -ant. The gerund can be used to express simultaneous actions (while verb-ing) as well as cause and effect actions (by verb-ing).

gerund examples

J'apprends le français en écoutant des podcasts.I learn French by listening to podcasts.
Tu apprends l'espagnol en passant tes vacances en Espagne.You learn Spanish by/while spending your vacation in Spain.
Pierre est tombé en descendant la montagne. Pierre fell while going down the mountain.
Il s'est cassé une dent en mangeant une glacon.He broke a tooth while eating an ice cube.
Elle s'est perdue en se baladant dans le désert.She got lost walking in the desert.
Il reste en forme en faisant du footing tous les jours.He stays in shape by jogging every day.
On apprend vite en faisaint attention! You learn fast by paying attention!
J'ai gagné beaucoup d'argent en achetant des actions. I earned a lot of money by buying stocks.
On maigrit en mangeant moins. You lose weight by eating less.
En entrant dans la maison, j'ai vu mon ami. Upon entering the house, I saw my friend.
En se couchant de bonne heure, on reste en forme.By going to bed early one stays in shape.
Tout en étant très travaileur, il n'atteignait pas ses objectifs.Even though he was hardworking, he wasn't reaching his goals.
Tout en ne disant rien, il disait tout. While saying nothing, he was saying everything.

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