l'éducation educationl'école school
une élève pupilles devoirs homework
le jardin d'enfants kindergartenl'école primaire elementary school
le collège junior high schoolle lycée high school
la classe class (group of students)aller en cours to go to class
l'instituteur elementary school teacher (m)l'institutrice elementary school teacher (f)
le professeur high school teacherle prof high school teacher
un examen examune interrogation quiz/test
une interro quiz/testle baccalauréat high school diploma
le bac high school diplomale brevet secondary school diploma
l'université universityle diplôme le diplôme
le DEUG university diplomala maîtrise master's degree

If you travel to France you will quickly discover that while there are many similarities between the school system at home there are also many differences. Towards the end of high school and the beginning of university the French school system gets a bit complicated as there are many different kinds of degrees and licenses offered to French students. In this lesson you will learn some basic words which will help you to navigate through France’s education system.

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