la science science la biologie biology la chimie chemistry
la physique physics le laboratoire lab/laboratory l’équipement de laboratoire tools of the laboratory
la balance scale la balance à ressort spring balance
le bec Bunsen Bunsen burner
le creuset crucible le trépied tripod l’éxperience experiment
la bouteille bottle l’entonnoir funnel la fiole flask
le bouchon stopper la pince clamp le statif clamp stand
la boîte de Pétrie petri dish
la chronomètre timer le support rack
l’éprouvette test tube
le microscope microscope l’oculaire eyepiece
le bouton de mise au point focusing knob
la lentille de l’objectif objective lens
la platine stage
le porte-objet slide le miroir mirror le themomètre thermometer
la seringue syringe la pince fine tweezers le scalpel scalpel
le compte-gouttes (eye) dropper
le forcepts forcepts la pince tongs
la spatule spatula le mortier mortar le pilon pestle
le papier filtre filter paper
les lunettes de protection googles le bécher beaker
la pipette pipete l’aimant magnet la pince crocodile crocodile clip
la pile battery l’éléctrode négative italics l’électrode positive positive electrode

Here you will find a complete list of French science terms. You’ll find the words for the different areas of subject including biology and chemistry as well as an extensive list of the “tools of the laboratory” (l’équipement de laboratoire) terms. While many of these words are almost the same in French as English some are totally different and therefore require some more time for study.

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