Fast Food

la restauration rapide fast foodle hamburger hamburger
le hot-dog hot dogles frites French fries
la boisson non-alcoolisée soft drinkla paille straw
la serviette en papier paper napkinle plateau tray
le hamburger avec des frites hamburger mealla pizza pizza
le tarif price listle hamburgeur au poulet chicken burger
le petit pain bunle hamburger végétarien veggie burger
la moutarde mustardla saucisse sausage
le sandwich sandwichle sandwich mixte club sandwich
le canapé open sandwichle taco wrap
la garniture fillingle kébab kebab
la sauce sauceles beignets de poulet chicken nuggets
salé savouryles crêpes crêpes
sucré sweetle poisson avec des frites fish and chips
les côtes ribsle poulet frit fried chicken
la pizzeria pizza parlourle restaurant rapide burger bar
la carte menumanger sur place eat-in (eat here)
à emporter take-away/take outréchauffer re-heat
le ketchup tomato sauce/ketchupMcDo McDonald’s (slang)
le Big-Mac Big Mac

While France is famous for it’s high-level cuisine the French people are surprisingly big fans of American-style fast food. In France there are thousands of fast food outlets across the country with the big names including McDonald’s, Prêt-à-Manger and Cojean. Here you’ll find a list of French fast food vocabulary words. Note that while many of the words are directly taken from English many are completely different and will take some more time to learn.


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