le tennis tennis les tennis tennis shoes le joureur de tennis tennis player
servir to serve le ramasseur de balles ballboy le smash to smash
le filet net la racquette racquet/racket le manche handle
la tête head la corde string l’arbitre umpire/referee
la ligne de service service line la balle ball le poignet wristband
la ligne de côté sideline le court de tennis tennis court le simple singles
le set set l’égalité deuce la faute fault
le slice slice l’effet spin le double doubles
le match match l’avantage advantage l’as ace
l’échange rally le juge de ligne linesman le jeu game
le tiebreak tiebreak l’amorti dropshot net! let!
le championnat championship le service serve la vollée volley
le retour return le lob lob le coup droit forehand
le revers backhand Roland Garros French Open

Tennis is an extremely popular sport in France and is played by thousands of people of all ages across the country. France also hosts the Roland Garros (French Open), one of the most prestigious international French tournaments, every year. Here you will find a complete list for French tennis vocabulary words. While some of the words are taken directly from English others demand more attention as they are completely different.

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