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French Baseball Vocabulary

French Baseball Vocabulary

Lexique pour le base-ball

On this page you’ll find a complete list of French baseball vocabulary including names of players, positions, parts of the field and equipment names.

In France the game is not very popular compared to other sports such as soccer (football) and basketball. However, baseball is a popular sport in Quebec (French-speaking Canada) where teams compete nationally and in the United States.

In the list below you’ll find that while many of the words are taken directly from English many of them are completely different and require more study time.

  • baseball le base-ball
  • bat la batte
  • mitt/glove le gant
  • batter le batteur
  • pitcher’s mound le mont du lanceur
  • baseman l’homme de base
  • team l’équipe
  • dugout le banc de touche
  • foul line la ligne de pénalité
  • right field le champ droit
  • outfield le champ extérieur
  • infield le champ intérieur
  • left field le champ gauche
  • helmet le casque
  • catcher le receveur
  • pitcher le lanceur
  • to catch attraper
  • to throw lancer
  • to run courir
  • to field (the ball) être en défense
  • to slide glisser
  • to bat/go to bat batter
  • umpire l’arbitre
  • to play jouer
  • inning le tour de batte
  • first base première base
  • second base deuxième base
  • third base troisième base
  • home run le home run
  • strike le strike
  • out mettre hors jeu
  • grand slam le grand chelem
  • baseball diamond le terrain de base-ball
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