Lazy in French

Lazy in French

In this short lesson you will learn how to say lazy in French. This is one of my favorite adjectives as I enjoyed being lazy each and every day! If you are a man in you want to say I am lazy you would say, “Je suis paresseux.” This is the masculine form of the adjective. If you are a woman you must use the feminine form. Hence, you would say, “Je suis paresseuse“. Notice that the “eux” ending becomes “euse” in the feminine form.

In the video I say that I like to play with Samantha (my cat) when I’m lazy. In French, that’s “je joue avec Samantha quand je suis paresseux“. Then, I ask you what do you like to do when you are lazy? To say that in French you would say, “Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire quand tu es paresseux(euse)?” To respond, you would say, “Je + verb + quand je suis paresseux(euse)“. Please note that you have to conjugate the verb in the first person so it corresponds to je or “I”.

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