Where in French

Where in French

In this lesson you will learn how to say where in French. To say where you say: “Où”. To hear the pronunciation click here. Below you can listen to 10 practice phrases and sentences using the word ‘où’. These phrases are extremely useful if you’re going to take a trip to France. Listen and repeat!

1. Où sont les toilettes?
Where is the bathroom?

2. D’où vennez-vous?
Where are you from? (formal or plural)

3. D’où viens-tu?
Where are you from? (informal)

4. Où est la gare?
Where is the train station?

5. Où est l’hôtel?
Where is the hotel?

6. Où est la France?
Where is France?

7. Où est la bibliothèque?
Where is the library?

8. Où est Jean-Marc?
Where is Jean-Marc?

9. Où est-ce que tu habites?
Where do you live?

10. Où est-ce que je peux apprendre le Français?
Where Can I learn French?

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