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My name is David Issokson and I am an online French Teacher. I offer private French lessons via Skype. I have offered one to one classes to students all over the would with AMAZING RESULTS.


Almost all of my students came to me after trying other products and getting NOWHEREMany of them also tried group lessons and FAILED due to the lack of personal attention. Why? Because it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE learn French pronunciation with software programs!

They came to me they started getting FAST RESULTS and speaking from DAY-1The SECRET to learning French is to have a TEACHER! With my personalized language training system you will start SPEAKING PROPERLY from the VERY FIRST DAY!

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Student testimonials

For years, I have attempted to learn French on my own, and have tried just about every program out there. While I always learned “something” from other programs, I can now say that nothing has been as effective as the one-to-one lessons I’ve had with David Issokson. With his personable approach, David demystifies the most confusing parts of the language, breaking things down in a clear and concise manner. What’s truly great about lessons with David is his ability to accurately evaluate what I already know and don’t know, and thus deliver truly personalized lessons that allow me to progress more quickly and efficiently. Plus, his work with me on my pronunciation and accent has left me feeling more confident about conversing with French speakers. Seeing my own rapid progression thus far has made me excited to learn once again! I’m looking forward to continuing my studies with David, and am glad to have found a teacher who can finally help me progress to “the next level” in my language adventure. Dave K, New Hampshire, USA

“David is a fantastic French language teacher.
He is very friendly and patient, taking time to ensure our pronunciations are correct and that we understand each lesson thoroughly. He is very personable and makes you feel very comfortable no matter what stage you are at. He is also very knowledgeable about the language, it’s origins and its nuances. I’d highly recommend David as a French tutor. We have made great progress and look forward to more.” Brad and Sally Miles, Sydney Australia

We’ve tried learning French in a variety of ways, including Rosetta Stone, plus attending classes with two different teachers locally. Then, fortunately, we found David on line. What a wonderful breakthrough. He is by far, the very best. Not only are we learning more from David, we are also enjoying the classes far more than ever before. We look forward to every lesson. David clearly loves teaching French, and that makes learning from him a real joy. Merci beaucoup David, Vos élèves joyeux Bill and Dottie L., California

I studied French with David for two years, and in that time my level skyrocketed. He is a passionate teacher and his enthusiasm for the French language is infectious. The lessons were well organised, engaging and fun; with the right balance on pronunciation, grammar and conversational practice. Everything we did was based on what was relevant to be a real life French speaker. I cannot recommend him highly enough. – Thomas, Melbourne Australia

David Issokson is a wonderful French teacher. I’ve had a number, and he is the best by far. He makes learning the language enjoyable, fun even, while covering the essentials. —Sandra Gulland, Ontario Canada

I have now had several weeks of lessons with David. Let me tell you I am very happy with my decision. I have made great gains in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. David never lets a mistake slip by without correction. He also frequently explains the French way to say things. It was that kind of persistence and attention to detail I was looking for in a tutor. I feel confident now that I can get by in a French conversation without too much trouble, thanks to David!
-Tyler S. California, USA

After meeting with David Issokson for forty minutes I already felt more comfortable speaking French. He who helped me to polish my pronunciation and gain some confidence in casual French conversation. David is an encouraging instructor who puts his students at ease. He is also flexible and willing to work toward specific goals. – Jenny E, Toronto, Canada.


My Lessons

I currently teach to all levels from beginner, intermediate and advanced. I’ve worked as a tutor with both challenged and gifted high school students as well as helped professionals ranging from doctors, lawyers, authors, pscho therapists and chemists. Through my private one-on-one online French course I guide students through a series of high school textbooks. I use the books because they offer a very solid foundation in grammar (sentence structure), verb conjugations and vocabulary. But, we aren’t completely bound to the textbooks and I include a whole lifetime of personal experience in the lessons. So, we combine the lesson material in the book with real conversation from the very start. In general, I suggest about 40 minutes of book work and about 15 minutes of open conversation. For intermediate and advanced students we do an entire hour of conversation based on an exclusive series of conversation lessons that I’ve written myself.


I currently use the following textbook which are all available on I use the Discovering French high school textbook series by Valette-Valette as well as Complete French All-in-One from the Practice Makes Perfect series.

How It Works

I am available to teach all of the days of the week except Saturdays. I can be very flexible with scheduling so that you can have your class before, after or even during work. All lessons last for 60 minutes unless I have a session the following hour. In that case the lesson lasts 55 minutes. I’m located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA and am on eastern standard time. My teaching hours are 8.30am though 9.30pm EDT.

To find out more about payment methods and scheduling please fill in your email below and schedule a trial lesson.

Are You Looking For Offlie Audio Lessons

Many students opt for the self-studying approach. If you don’t have time for Skype lessons or are looking for some supplementary material I strongly recommend’s downloadable audio lessons. The site has created an extensive online course which focuses on teaching modern day spoken French through a series of recorded stories. The site provides everything  you need to master French pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in a fun and effective way.

Finding The Right Tutor

If you’re new to online learning and are looking for more information here I’ve written a complete article about finding an online French tutor. Here you’ll find a wide variety of online resources as well as my experience and comments on the subject.

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