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D’accord – Okay, all right, agreed

D’accord – Okay, all right, agreed

The word, d’accord in French has several uses. With an exclamation mark, ‘D’accord!‘ translates to “okay” or “alright”. When combined with a conjugated form or être (to be), d’accord means to agree. For example, Je suis d’accord avec vous translates to “I agree with you”.


D'accord (okay, alright, agreed)

What is the meaning of d’accord in French?

Uses of d’accord in French

1. To be in agreement

There are several ways to use d’accord in French. The first and most common is être d’accord avec + person, which means to agree. The word that follows avec (with) can be a person’s name or stressed pronoun. Par example:

  • Je suis d’accord avec vous. I agree with you.
  • Désolé. Je ne suis pas d’accord avec vous. Sorry. I don’t agree with you.

When used in a question d’accord would look this example:

  • Êtes-vous d’accord avec moi? Do you agree with me?
Example of "d'accord"
Example of how to use d’accord in French

2. Ok, alright

There are also times when d’accord appears as a single word, meaning okay or alright.

  • Person 1: D’accord? Okay/Alright?
  • Person 2: D’accord! Okay! Alright!

3. To come to an agreement

Se mettre d’accord means to reach or come to an agreement. This is a bit more advanced. Mettre means to put or place.

  • Après de longues discussions, Pierre et Marie se mettent d’accord. After long discussions, Pierre and Marie reach an agreement.

Common mistakes with d’accord

A very common mistake students make with d’accord is saying “c’est d’accord” to mean “okay” or “alright”. As stated above, the single word expression,“d’accord!” means okay or alright. The translation of “c’est d’accord” is “it’s agreed”.

Another common mistake is to say “d’accord !” to mean “I agree”. To express this, you absolutely must say “Je suis d’accord” (I agree).


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