Depuis: Since In French Meaning, Example Sentences

depuisIn this lesson you will learn how to say since or for in French. The word for this is “depuis”. This is a follow-up lesson to another one we just about the word ago (il y a).

First watch this movie then read through the example sentences below.

Rules to learn:

  1. When followed by a period of time depuis indicates the duration of an action and means “has been + verb’ing for”.
  2. When followed by an event or point of time it indicates since or have + verb’-ed + since/for

For now don’t get too caught up in the details. By reading these sentences you’ll start to get the idea:

Example sentences

Situation 1: Followed by a time duration

  • J’apprends le Français depuis trente ans.
    I have been learning French for thirty years.
  • Elle ne fume pas depuis deux mois.
    He has not been smoking for two months.
  • Il habite au Canada depuis six mois.
    He has been living in Canada for six months.
  • Je fais régime depuis trois mois.
    I have been dieting for three months.

Situation 2: Followed by a point in time

  • Je suis heureux depuis mon arrivée
    I have been happy since I arrived.
  • Elle travaille dans la même société depuis novembre.
    She has worked in the same company since November.
  • Tu joues au tennis depuis ton cinqième anniversaire.
    You have played tennis since your third birthday.
  • J’habite dans le même endroit depuis janvier, 2010.
    I have lived in the same place since January, 2010.
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