O Sound

One of the single hardest sounds to pronounce in French is the “O” sound. While this would seem very easy at first due to the straight forward nature of the sound (not complicated like other sounds such as the nasty ‘eur’), it’s hard to pronounce. This is due to the non-native speaker’s tendency to pronounce the “O” in French as if he or she were speaking his or her native language.

What I mean by this is taking the word, “opinion” for example, and saying “l’opinion” in French but using the English “uh” sound for the “O”. This is the first think I explain in the video.

Then, I go through several words which start with the letter “O”. Almost all of these words are the same in both English and French. The key thing that I’m trying to emphasize is that you must pronounce the “O” sound like “Oh” in French and not the “Uh” in English while staying the word in French. Here’s the list of words I gave in the video.

l’orange = orange
l’opportunité = opportunity
l’opposé = opposite
l’origine = origine
l’hotage = hostage
olympique = Olympic
l’objet = object
occupé = occupied
optimiser = to optimise
objectif = objective
l’oncle = uncle
l’omelette = omelette

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I included both words that start with “O” and words that have an “O” within the them.

Florence (female name)
encore = again
global = global
le décor = décor
le roman = novel
phonétique = phonetic
le fromage = cheese
stoïque = stoic

Finally, I spent a few minutes discussing the words notre (our) and votre (your) as many students have difficulties pronouncing these words. Again, it’s important to pronounce the “O’s” in these words with the “Oh” sound.

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