Aimer (To Like, To Love), Meaning, Usage, Example Sentences

The verb aimer means both to like and to love. It is one of the most common and basic verbs in French. On this page you can find a complete conjugation table. In the explanations below you’ll find basic uses of the verb as well as related nouns and adjectives.

example sentences

Now let’s look at some example sentences.

  • Marie aime faire du ski. Marie likes skiing.
  • Est-ce que Céline aime la pizza? Does Celine like pizza?
  • Je n’aime pas Marseille. Je préfère Paris. I don’t like Marseille. I prefer Paris.
  • J’aimerais acheter une nouvelle voiture. I’d like to buy a new car.

Of course a page on aimer couldn’t be complete without mention of how to say I love you.

  • Je t’aime! I love you / I like you.

J’aime bien” is a way of saying I like and has no direct translation.

  • J’aime bien cette chanson. C’est cool! I like this song. It’s cool!
  • J’aime bien ta voiture mais je préfère la mienne. I like your car but I prefer mine.

Aimer beaucoup qqn is to like or love somebody a lot.

  • J’aime beaucoup Francis Cabrel. C’est un chanteur formidable! I like Francis Cabrel a lot. He’s a great singer!

Aimable is an adjective formed off of aimer and translates to friendly or like able.

  • J’aime bien cette fille. Elle est aimable. I like this girl. She’s friendly.

Amoureux/amoureuse are adjective formed off of aimer and mean to be in love.

  • Oh là là, il est amoureux de deux femmes! Oh, he is in love with two women!

Amour as a noun is related to aimer and means love.

  • C’est une histoire d’amour. It’s love story.

The pronominal verbs s’entr’aimer and s’aimer both me to love each other.

  • Ils s’aiment depuis le lycee. They’ve loved each other since high school.
  • Martin et Marie s’entr’aiment depuis longtemps. Martin and Marie have loved each other for a long time.
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