French Airplane Vocabulary


On this page you’ll find a of French airplane vocabulary. This list covers multiple parts of the aircraft, different kids of aircrafts as well as a few key verbs.

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airlinerun avoin de ligne
airplane/aircraftun avion
le bombardier
cabinla cabine
co-pilotle copilote
cockpitun cockpit
engineun réacteur
exitla sortie
fighter planele chasseur
finela dérive
fuselageun fuselage
hot air balloon la montgolfière
landing gearle train d’atterrissage
light aircraft
l’avoin léger
nose (of the plane)le nez
nose wheella roue de nez
pilotle pilote
private jetle jet privé
sea planel’hydravion
seatle siège
supersonic jetl’avion supersonique
tailla queue
windowun hublot
wingune aile
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