French Parts of the Body (50 Vocabulary Words, PDF & Video)

le vocabulaire des parties du corps en français

Here you’ll learn how to say different parts of the body in French. Pay attention to the word for hair, les cheveux. This word is always plural. Also, be careful of the word for hand, la main, which appears to be masculine but is really feminine. The same goes for tooth, which is la dent. At the bottom of the page we’ve provided links to some flashcards and exercises.

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Notes on body parts

In French, articles must proceed all nouns. This goes for body parts. For example:

  • Elle a les cheveux bruns. She has brown hair.
  • Il a les yeux bleus. He has blue eyes.

To express having pain, use the expression “avoir à + le/la/les bodypart name”. You must contract à + definite article. For example:

  • Elle a mal à la tête. She has a headache.
  • Il a mal au dos. He has a backache.
  • Elle a mal aux pieds. Her feet hurt.

Vocabulary List

Head – la tête


Lower body

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